Window tinting in Finland

After a few years “I ‘ll write it soon” this post is finally here! 

During my window tinting career I have had several customers who don’t speak Finnish but do speak English as their first or second language. With this short blog post I’m trying to help you as good as I can. 

Window tinting in Finalnd

“The” question is almost always about tint laws: 

- in Finland it is not allowed to tint windshield or front door windows with anything. Even if you have a 100 % see trough film. If you still choose to have film in the front windows you may have a ticket from the police if they pull you over and notice that you have window film in you front windows. The other place to get a notification and an order to remove tint from the front widows is “katsastus” where you have to take your car each year to check.

About 20 % of my customers chose also tint to the front windows and almost always it’s with 50 % film. It’s a common choice because this film isn’t really dark, it only gives you a nice faint tint to your windows. Also always ask the installer to shave the top edge of so that there is no light gab and the edge of the film can’t be noticed. 

- Back and rear windows you can do what ever you like to do: you can choose from the darkest 5% tint all the way to the 80% tint. The most common choice is 20% window film.   

- The cold Finnish weather doesn’t harm the film in anyway and it will dry after installation in a week. Using a heater in the back window is also ok at any times. 


If you have any questions just give me a call +358 44 3636 130. I do window tinting in Turku and Rauma area and I also do Paintless Dent Repair. 


Aleksi Puurunen